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BerliCon WDC - August 3rd to 06th, 2006

Stabbing deluxe

BerliCon WDC 2006 - A Seven Star Convention
Why of all conventions should you come to Berlin? Besides that it's the World Diplomacy Convention 2006, expecting the best, bravest (and funniest?) diplomats from all over the world, there are 7 good reasons.

Uhm... we heard that some Arabic Sheiks have too much money and they are planning an 8 star hotel. So what's a Seven Star Convention compared to that? Therefore, to top it all off, we consulted our Austrian hobby friends and came up with an idea, our 8th star:

The facts in brief: Austria's national dipcon FAT (Felix Austria Tournament) will be held for the 3rd time in a row in a lovely alpine mountain hut near Vienna. The last two years it could be called one of the toughest competitions, but at the same time cosiest conventions on Europe. In 2006, FAT III will just be the warm up... one week before BerliCon WDC! Between FAT and BerliCon, Monday 31 to Thursday 3, we invite you to go on a little holiday trip, to stay with German and Austrian dip players and visit their home towns, before you land your sledge in Berlin, right in time to become World Champion. More about this amazing opportunity

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